Brussels Airlines Employees Were on Strike, Several Flights Had to Be Canceled


Due to a one-day strike by Belgian Airlines Brussels flight attendants on Monday, the airline canceled about half of its flights departing from Brussels, 57 out of 116.


Kim Daenen, the airline’s spokesman, told the press that the flight cancellations had already been decided last week, so passengers were informed of the change. The company offered the parties concerned to rebook the tickets and to refund the ticket price. According to the Belgian press, the cabin crew union has previously pointed out that workers will be able to go on strike due to overwork, labor shortages linked to the coronavirus epidemic and non-compliance with collective agreements. The union also highlighted that airline staff had already faced difficulties with epidemiological regulations on several occasions.

Enforcing the mandatory wearing of masks on the flight has repeatedly caused the situation that passengers who refused to comply with the rules attacked the crew. Union representatives added that the airline had “harassed and intimidated its employees, which only increased their dissatisfaction.”

The strike began at 5 a.m. Monday and ran until 5 a.m. Tuesday.


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