In Three Weeks, the Slovak-Hungarian Border Will Be Accessible Without Control


Slovakia will not extend the inspection on the Hungarian border after January 22nd, Slovak Interior Minister Sutaj Estok announced to the Slovak commercial television Markíza on Wednesday.


The Slovak Minister of the Interior justified the move by saying that “currently the situation is calm and stable” regarding illegal immigration. He added: if the activity of illegal migration increases, the controls will be introduced again. According to Sutaj Estok, the problem of illegal migration may increase again in the spring, until then they want to give the policemen and soldiers who protect the borders time to rest.

Slovakia introduced temporary border control on the Slovakian-Hungarian border on October 5th. The decision came a day after the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland introduced similar measures at their Slovak border. The border control was subsequently extended several times by the Bratislava government, most recently in December, when it was decided that the control would remain in effect until January 22nd.


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