Kövér Highlights Importance of EU Enlargement in Sarajevo


Enlargement of the European Union is of paramount importance, House Speaker László Kövér said in Sarajevo on Monday, and noted Hungary’s commitment to an early integration of the Western Balkans.


Kövér spoke at a session held as part of a partnership programme with the parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and said that the country had “its place and future in Europe and that perspective has no meaningful alternative”. The EU needs Bosnia and Herzegovina and all other south-eastern European countries awaiting integration, he said, adding that the EU could provide the best opportunities for those nations. “We, Hungarians, wish to continue in our firm stance to accelerate the integration process, with special regard to promoting the integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina; we will work to convince our European partners that the EU should send a clear message that each state in south-eastern Europe would soon have a room in the EU,” Kövér said.



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