Lawsuit against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association


Norwegian journalist Kjersti Flaa sued the Hollywood Foreign Press Association last month, accusing the organization behind the Golden Globe Awards of antitrust violations and a “culture of corruption” that unlawfully denied her membership despite fulfilling all the requirements for admission.

In addition to the HFPA, the suit names board member Meher Tatna as well as members Aud Berggren Morisse, Tina Johnk Christensen and Hungarian member Aniko Skorka Navai.

According to the lawsuit, the only Hungarian member of the HFPA is Anikó Návai, who is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed in a U.S. court. The Hungarian is being accused alongside other HFPA members of operating as a cartel in their attempt to monopolize entertainment journalism in Los Angeles. Flaa states that their unethical methods of trying to keep competition out, have resulted in her being rejected two times without getting any explanation.


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