Aviation Safety: Commission adopts new EU Air Safety List

The European Commission on 2nd June updated the EU Air Safety List, the list of airlines that are subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union as they do not meet international safety standards. The Commission wishes to ensure the highest level of air safety for all passengers travelling in the […]

New cars and vans sold in 2018 more CO2 intensive, final data confirms

Average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from new cars registered in the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK) and Iceland increased in 2018 for the second year in a row, according to final data published today by the European Environment Agency (EEA). For the first time, average CO2 emissions from new vans also increased in […]

Europe’s moment: Repair and prepare for the next generation

Yesterday, the European Commission has put forward its proposal for a major recovery plan. To ensure the recovery is sustainable, even, inclusive and fair for all Member States, the European Commission is proposing to create a new recovery instrument, Next Generation EU, embedded within a powerful, modern and revamped long-term EU budget.