Gas Storage Facilities 86% Full


By Nov. 15, Hungary’s gas storage facilities contained 5.44 billion cubic metres of natural gas, 86.02% of their total capacity, the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) said on Tuesday.


Compared with the country’s annual consumption, the storage units on that date were 54.48% full, 26.2% above the European Union average, the authority said. The amount currently stored is above that required to satisfy annual residential gas consumption, it added. In line with the schedule included in European Union regulations on gas storage, Hungary must store 35% of its five-year average consumption by Nov. 1, which equals 3.65 billion cubic metres, MEKH said. Owing to fast storage filling in Hungary, it exceeded that amount by approaching 50% by Nov. 15, the authority added.


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