Hungary expects 10% annual growth in tourism sector


Hungary is expected to report a 10% growth rate in its tourism sector for the full year of 2019 which is above the EU average, the head of the Hungarian Tourism Agency said.

Growth in the sector was 9.3% in January-June, Zoltán Guller said in Sümeg, near Lake Balaton, in western Hungary. Compared with 2010, the sector has continued to expand and since 2016 has grown by an annual 10%.

Tourism today is an engine of growth expanding twice as fast as the country’s GDP, Guller said. Concerning tourism development plans in the country’s leading holiday resort area of Lake Balaton, he said it included 18 EU-funded infrastructure development projects in Balatonfüred, Hévíz, Tihany and Badacsony. Guller noted that the Balaton region drew 773,000 guests spending a total of 2.1 million guest nights there in January-June.

Foreign guests come from Germany, Russia and Austria, he said, adding that the number of visitors from Romania, China, Slovakia and the Netherlands continued to rise.



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