Tunde Skovran’s documentary will be presented in Los Angeles


Hungarian-Romanian actress Tünde Skovran is set to premiere her award-winning documentary in Los Angeles on November 11th at NoHo Laemmle Theatre.

The documentary addresses a serious and challenging subject. In a world where awareness of intersex individuals is lacking, Dimakatso endured genital mutilation during childhood, while Sharon, a beauty queen, discovered her concealed male genetics at 21.

As they jointly navigate the intricacies of their identities and confront entrenched societal taboos, their interconnected stories illuminate the resilience and beauty of intersex lives, often concealed in plain sight.

The official summary of the movie:

Born male and female within one single body, a beauty queen and a male-presenting activist break the intersex taboo through a personal and intimate exploration of truth, faith, and belonging.

About the director:

Tunde Skovran, the award-winning actress, hails from Transylvania, Romania. After completing her studies at the Dramatic Arts Department of Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, she became a part of the internationally acclaimed Hungarian State Theater of Cluj-Napoca. Over a decade, she showcased her talent in more than 30 productions. Her cinematic debut in 2013 with “Puzzle” earned her two Best Actress in a Lead Role Awards at international film festivals in NYC and Buffalo. Shifting her focus to film, the talented and exotic actress honed her skills under the guidance of renowned acting teachers in the United States.

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