Poet Lóránt Kabai Dies at 45


Poet Lóránt Kabai has died, Telex reports based on the family’s statement.

Kabai’s disappearance was reported to the police on October 23rd, after the previous day, he left his residence in Budapest, district VI. to an unknown place.

In the announcement of his death, his brothers Zoltán and Csaba wrote on behalf of his mother: We are deeply moved and with a broken heart to inform you that our beloved brother Lóránt Kabai, poet, writer, editor and visual artist, died in tragic circumstances at the age of 45. We will inform you about his farewell later.

Lóránt Kabai was born on March 23rd, 1977 in Miskolc. Writer’s pseudonym: Laura Spiegelmann, stage name was Lóránt k.kabai. Since 1993, he has regularly published his poems, prose and translations in Időjjelek, Magyar Műhely, Új Forrás, Új Holnap, Sárkányfű, Kortárs, Alföld, Élet és Irodalom, Palócföld, Árgus, Kalligram, A Hét, Puskin Utca, Ex Symposion, Jelenkor, Holmi, 2000, Beszélő and Nagyvilág, but he also wrote in Magyar Narancs, Élet és Irodalom and Népszabadság. His most recent book of poems entitled Moaré was published in 2021.

Kabai’s younger brother previously told Blikk that he found his brother’s apartment open, his documents, money and packed suitcase were on the table. On October 22nd, he was supposed to go to Bratislava, but not only did he not arrive there, but according to the signs, he didn’t even leave. According to the article, the poet was still seen by his neighbors on Friday afternoon, and according to the police, he was still using his phone that evening, half an hour away from his apartment, on Szabolcs street in Angyalföld, and then he disappeared. Blikk also contacted the police regarding the poet’s death, they replied that no crime was suspected in the case, and the circumstances of the case are being investigated in an administrative procedure.


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