The Phoenix Rises – The Other Venice Film Festival Returns

After seventeen successful year the Other Venice Film Festival was cancelled last year, because of  the pandemic but now it proudly returns. The festival is taking place in historic building of Venice, Los Angeles in Beyond Baroque on Venice Blvd and it’s going on from October 1-4. We visited the opening night and asked questions from the filmmakers.

The Incoherents, feature film of Jarred Barel was screening  at 8.15 pm. “We started making comic books, that was done like a pitch-book and was a little indie-hit in the New York Comic Con. (…) Than our journey let us make this little rock and roll comedy feature film. A group of middle age guys they get there their 90’ rock band get together. And they won an other shot of glory. The process was interesting, because we were dealing with such a smaller budget. In comic books you have only so much space on the page to tell the story, and only so many pages, so we had to really know how many shots to use, better going to tell the story that you needed to tell. So in a micro/budget feature we dealing with lot of a same issues whether is like, well I have three scenes let to do an hour before the crew  ” – he explained.
Rodney Connors is an actor in black comedy, calls ‘Cry Later’. “Before shut down I specialized in stage acting, I played Othello, Tom Collins and many musicals. A weird fact about me, that I sung at funerals – for free. Most of my acting is darker. Our film gonna be playing on Sunday on the festival. I play a struggling actor’s depression, and it’s a female! (Laugh). I am basically mirroring her, but as a three hundred something plus pounds version of her. And I still get to keep my beard!  (Laugh). A funny story actually about it… I’ve never wore a beard, but after I’v been playing Tom Collins, who is homosexual, and I had to kiss a man. So I had to kiss a man, who had a beard! And I’ve never wanted one, because I wanted to be sure I am very kissable for women – because I am straight in real life. And than, I thought, its not too bad… And every since than I had my beard!”
As festival director Thomas Simon  – of a Hungarian origin – is also a musician, this festival is a little bit different than others as it has plenty of music programs. On the opening night in the hidden garden of Beyond Baroque the Brazilian style MoForro played after the red carpet arrivals and after the screenings the fun night ended up with some more music by them complemented by the the organizer, Vortex Thomas Simon itself.

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