Google Maps speed camera alerts and speed limit indication expand to more countries – Including Hungary

When Google bought Waze in 2013, a lot of people expected some of the application’s key features would make their way into Maps. Although the company stated both development teams would remain separate, we started seeing some integration a few months later, as the Israeli company’s traffic and incident reports were available to Maps users.

69 dialysis patients at Chinese hospital infected with hepatitis C

Sixty-nine dialysis patients in a hospital in eastern China are in a stable condition after being infected with hepatitis C, authorities said on Monday. Dongtai People’s Hospital in Jiangsu province reported the outbreak in its haemodialysis centre on May 13, the Dongtai city government said in a statement. An investigation found the infection was caused […]

Thousands gather for mass rally to ‘safeguard Israeli democracy’ from Netanyahu

Thousands of protesters gathered on Saturday evening for a mass demonstration outside the Tel Aviv Museum against looming legislative efforts by the incoming coalition that would grant Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immunity from prosecution and radically limit the powers of the Supreme Court. Netanyahu is attempting to finalize deals with his likely coalition partners ahead […]