“One thing happened to me all my life: I came back from Auschwitz”


The 94-year-old Éva Fahidi uses a smartphone and a notebook. She writes her third book about her senior relationship. Recently, her book, Alanya and the Subject of Love, which is about her personal socialism and her beloved men, was published.

The fate of Éva Fahidi was decided on the Birkenau ramp, when Josef Mengele placed the 18-year-old girl from Debrecen on the surviving side. For nine months, she was doing forced labor at the concentration camp. She is the only survival from her family, her 49 relatives were cremated, including her 11-year-old sister.

After more than five decades, she broke the silence and wrote her memoir on her family, entitled The Spirit of Things. The is now included in the school curriculum in Germany.

She lectures in German school, raises her voice against all forms of hatred and racism. On the 70thanniversary of the Holocaust, she was giving a speech with Angela Merkel in Berlin.

Éva Fahidi’s motto is “we do not have to love each other, but do not hate the other!”


Source: hvg.hu

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